Finding a trusted mortgage consultant, it is not easy. With us, you will find a professional and very knowledgeable loan originators, which we will do everything possible to find the best loan solution for you and providing a path to home ownership through residential lending.

The first step on this path is to educate you, the customer. Whether you are buying your first or 10th home, or an investment property, we believe that a better-educated customer is a better customer. With this in mind, we want to educate you about the entire home buying process – not only mortgage financing.

We have more than 30 years helping first time buyers get their dream of becoming a proud homeowner. We know that this is the biggest investment that you have made in your lifetime, that is why we take that very seriously, and we are here to guide you through all the mortgage process.
  • 1. How much can I afford? Buying your first home is one of the most important and exciting events in your life. But before you start searching for a home you need to have a realistic budget. It’s important to consider your income, debts and expenses including housing expenses (utilities, HOA and maintenances). Once you have a complete list of all your expenses, you will have a clear picture of what you can afford.
  • 2. Knowing your credit score: When you decide to buy a home, you should first get a copy of your credit report to make sure that you are not being unfairly penalized for erroneous, old or settled debts. Also, try not to apply for a new credit card before you apply for financing unless you do not have any credit history at all, and you need to build your credit score up. The higher your credit score, the lower your down payment and monthly payment will be. In general, a credit score below 660 is going to result in higher interest rate.
  • 3. Cash available for down payment: It is another important step, even if there are some down payment assistant programs available for first time buyers, this is not always the best option for you, special in today market. So, it is important to some money saved, specially for down payment. Which can be between 3% through 5%. Here are some tips to save money for a down payment:

a. Use a gift funds, from a relative.

b. Borrow from your retirement accounts

c. Get a 2nd job

d. Melt down your gold jewelry

Popular Loan Options for First – Time Homebuyers:


To learn more about which loan option is best for you, call 407-492-9551 to speak with one of my team expert mortgage specialist or complete a brief home loan application, We’re here to provide you with a clear path to home ownership.


With interest rate at historically low levels, and house values going up, now is a great time to refinance. Through the refinance program. I have helped customer save thousands of dollars. There are several reasons to refinance:

  • Lower your current mortgage payment: You may be able to get a lower rate because of changes in the market conditions or because your credit score has improved. With a lower rate, your monthly mortgage payment decreases. A lower interest rate also may allow you to build equity in your home more quickly.
  • Adjust the term of your mortgage: A mortgage with a longer term for payback can reduce the amount that you pay in monthly mortgage payments. On the other hand, shorter-term mortgages generally have lower interest rates. Plus, you pay off the loan sooner, which reduces your total interest costs. As an example, the total interest costs for a fixed-rate loan of $200,000 at 6% for 30 years would cost $231,640 in total interest. For a fixed rate loan of $200,000 at 5.5% for 15 years would cost $94,120 in total interest.
  • Consolidate debt from other loans or credit cards: From experience, we understand that debt can pile up over months and years. Consolidating those debts into a lower rate tax-deductible mortgage refinance is a smart way to gain control over your finances and put money in your pocket. My team will help you refinance to some of the lowest rates in decades and get cash to pay off your higher-interest debt. We can show you how to make one, low monthly payment instead of several, and pay less overall every month. Unlike credit cards, the interest is usually tax-deductible.
  • Home Improvements: With the housing prices going up, smart homeowner understands that using their home equity is the best way to finance home improvements. Whether you want to fix your roof, install new kitchen, or add a pool, a cash-out equity program will provide you more enjoyment while increasing the value of your home

Also, you can use the cash-out equity program for investments, with a cash-out equity refinance, you can quickly free the funds you need to take advantage of that perfect investment opportunity.

To learn more about Cash-out refinance program, call at 407-492-9551 or apply now for a free analysis.


We know that you have gone through this process before. Let us make the process even smoother this time.

Having more than 30 years in the mortgage industries, more than 80% of our customers coming from referrals, we work with many repeat homebuyers who we have helped with previous home purchases. We know that you have gone with this process before, but we also know that moving can be very busy and stressful time. We are here to make your path to home ownership smooth, and we understand that every situation is unique. We are a licensed mortgage originator with the ability and experience to help you achieve the American Dream

Popular Loan options for Repeat Homebuyers:

To learn more about how to finance the purchase of your next home, call at 407-492-9551 to speak with one of my team mortgage specialists or if you’re ready get started today. I am here to provide you with a clear path to home ownership!


Perhaps you have always dreamed of vacation home or would like to own a nearby investment property for family to share. Whatever the motivation, we our expertise your mortgage process will be smooth and worry free.

There are many benefits to an investment property or second home, including the opportunity to generate rental income, tax benefits and potential property appreciation for long term value. It’s also important to remember that owning a second property increases your financial responsibilities. With an investment property, you want to make sure that you have your finances in order and know how much you can afford. You’ll also want to know how an investment property will affect your overall finances.

My team is here for you. We know you’ve gone through the mortgage process before, but still likely have questions call at 407-492-9551 to speak with one of my team mortgage specialists.

Popular loan options for investment property homebuyers:

A reverse mortgage is a loan that is available to persons 62 years older, that allows them to convert part of the equity in their home into cash. You can stay in your home and own your home. You can also purchase a home with reverse mortgage and have no mortgage payments

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The more common non-traditional mortgage we are offering::

  • Bank Statement or 1099
  • Foreign National
  • ITIN Program
  • NO Ratio
  • Profit/Loss Statement
  • Investor Debt Service Coverage
  • Asset Optimizer
  • Stated Income - Stated Assets
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